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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000014041 BirdFontmajornew2017-04-25Birdfont is crashing when trying to import background
  000012821 BirdFontminornew2017-04-12Warning "name" table when the font is installed
  00001392   BirdFontblockresolved (Johan Mattsson)2017-04-10Cannot start birdfont
  000013821 BirdFontmajornew2017-02-07Kerning ONLY in Word, but not in Windows Font Preview
  000013711 BirdFontminornew2017-01-22Preview isn't working when there's a ' in the title.
  00001352   BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-10-06Microsoft Word Kerning
  000013664 BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-07-12Oversized Cursor
  00001002   BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-06-24Kerning
  000012551 BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-06-24crash hang on file save
  000012741 BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-06-24Grid presets are added when the file is opened
  00001333   BirdFontcrashresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-06-24File empty, All glyphs disappeared
  00001324   BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-06-24Kerning Tab failures
  000012233 BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-06-17Download cannot be installed
  000013142 BirdFontmajornew2016-06-08When exporting font to OTF or TTF, the typeface becomes distored when installed.
  00001307   BirdFontmajorfeedback (Johan Mattsson)2016-06-05Wrong line height
  000012921 BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-06-05Handler of bezier curve misinterpreted when import SVG
  00001241   BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-05-14Fail to launch the application from the menu
  00001211   BirdFontfeatureresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-05-14Request for easier editing
  00001201   BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-05-14Selecting fonts in Overview
  00001192   BirdFonttweakresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-05-14Exiting tabs
  000012321 BirdFonttrivialnew2016-05-14Arabic
  00001181   BirdFontmajornew2016-03-21Export - creates empty folder no files
  000011711 BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-03-21Can't Export Font due to name?
  00001161   BirdFontmajornew2016-03-15Adjusting kerning for one pair alters spacing for everything that shares a spacing class
  00001152   BirdFontmajornew2016-03-11can't copy/paste from Illustrator
  000011373 BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-01-21SVG Import on Birdfont 2.15.3
  00001071   BirdFontcrashresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-01-03Crash on Save
  00001063   BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2016-01-03Retina display laptop with second screen causes window problem
  00001044   BirdFontblockfeedback (Johan Mattsson)2015-12-20General performance issue that blocks progress; worst with large character set
  00001056   BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-12-19Proportions locked when resizing
  00001032   BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-11-16Compilation errors
  00000974   BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-08-18Overview window does not keep its scroll position
  00000952   BirdFontminornew2015-08-11Large font (9000+) taking forever to open, if at all.
  00000961   BirdFontminornew2015-08-11Request: Clipboard Copy to Illustrator
  0000094112 BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-08-10Can't Import SVG Files Into Birdfont
  000009341 BirdFontfeatureassigned (Johan Mattsson)2015-08-06Can't figure out how to set glyph width
  00000922   BirdFontminornew2015-07-04Few requests and minor UI oddities.
  00000905   BirdFonttrivialassigned (Johan Mattsson)2015-06-28Multiple minor UI things bunched up in the same entry
  00000887   BirdFontfeaturenew2015-06-28A shape library.
  000009111 BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-06-27Skewing circles really skew them up.
  00000894   BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-06-26Spacebar creates Double spaces in UI Textfields
  000008661 BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-06-26Export does work.
  00000873   BirdFonttrivialresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-06-25Move Control points tool: Shift+Drag to select more?
  000008321 BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-06-24BirdFont does not use "scroll inertia" with Apple Magic Mouse
  0000084    BirdFontmajornew2015-06-15UI issues on OS X
  000007631 BirdFontmajornew2015-05-18Display bug
  0000081114 BirdFontmajorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-05-18SVG Import via Illustrator
  00000822   BirdFontminorresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-05-18Beta version: Issue on importing SVG files
  00000698   BirdFontfeaturenew2015-05-17Feature Request - Multiple SVG import through menu and scrolling on Windows 8
  00000754   BirdFonttweakresolved (Johan Mattsson)2015-04-24Great New Features need a couple tweaks (colors)
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