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0000115BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2019-07-17 17:22
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Summary0000115: can't copy/paste from Illustrator
DescriptionI am unable to copy/paste from Illustrator. Nothing happens in Birdfont when I try to paste...
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2016-01-31 15:23

administrator   ~0000425

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Thank you for the report. This is difficult for me to test because I don't have a copy of Illustrator. Which version of illustrator is it that you have?


2016-03-11 15:52

reporter   ~0000426

Easy workaround:
1. Export a glyph to SVG
2. Open the SVG in Illustrator
3. Paste into the SVG, delete old and save
4. Import SVG into BirdFont


2019-01-19 19:32

administrator   ~0000629

I have found out that older versions of Adobe product don't use the SVG format for the clipboard. Carls contribution is the only way around that problem.


2019-07-17 17:22

administrator   ~0000667

Hi. I believe this has been fixed in later versions of Illustrator.

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