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0000130BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2020-07-25 16:56
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PlatformMac Pro (Early 2013)OSOS XOS Version10.11.4
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Summary0000130: Wrong line height
DescriptionRegardless of top and bottom margin position, the line height seems to be wrong and always is the same. For this setup (and any setup):

I get this line height:

This example is 48/48pt. As you can see, the top of capitals of first line are off canvas, and the ascenders of second line are over descenders of first line (at 48/48pt they must be in touch, not mounted).
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2016-06-05 19:05

administrator   ~0000449

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Thank you for the report. Which text editor are you using? Does this happen with all programs?


2016-06-05 19:17

reporter   ~0000450

Yes, all programs. The screen capture is Apple Text Edit, but it happens also in InDesign. For example, this screen capture is from InDesign page:

And the paragraph settings must be 8/16pt (double line height than body size) for a right display.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or maybe something I am doing wrong...


2016-06-05 19:39

administrator   ~0000451

This might be a Mac issue. It does not happen on the computer I am using right now but I will test it on Mac as soon as possible. When things work should the red guides (bottom and top margin) mark the place where the rendering program will cut.


2016-06-05 19:55

reporter   ~0000452

Ok, Thank you very much!


2016-06-05 20:15

administrator   ~0000453

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I guess the issue is solved. Drop me a note if I am wrong.


2016-06-05 20:31

reporter   ~0000454

How can I test it? downloding Birdfont again?


2016-06-05 21:20

administrator   ~0000455

I apologize, I thought the red guides did solve the problem. I will try to reproduce this on Mac as soon as possible.

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