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Summary0000131: When exporting font to OTF or TTF, the typeface becomes distored when installed.
DescriptionThe curves which show up perfect in Birfont seem to lose there anchor points when exported into OTF or TTF which means the overall look of the typeface changes and becomes distorted.
Additional InformationScreenshots should explain what is going wrong. How do I fix it?
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2016-06-06 15:30



2016-06-06 17:38

administrator   ~0000456

Thank you for the report. There is a mathematical difference between cubic and quadratic Bezér curves that makes it impossible to do a perfect conversion to TTF but I think it should look better. I will try to improve the code if you send me the BF file.

One setting you can try editing is the Units Per Em in the tab for export settings. You should make it a power of two, 2048 or 4096 might be a better option. The next release will include a setting that lets you tweak the conversion from cubic to quadratic curves a bit.


2016-06-08 14:03

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2016-06-08 14:04

reporter   ~0000459

Hi Sorry for the late reply i've uploaded the file onto this site not to sure if it worked or not. Would really apprciate your help i'm currently making a typeface for a college project and it's my first typeface i've made. Didn't know how hard it would be. Thank you


2016-06-08 16:14

administrator   ~0000460

Thank you. I am working on it.


2016-06-08 16:25

administrator   ~0000461

I think you might get better results if you draw with quadratic control points directly instead of using the cubic form. Click on (2) to change the control point type to quadratic. I am working on an improved automatic converter but it is a rather difficult problem.


2018-10-11 19:37

administrator   ~0000571

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I have tried to export your font to OTF instead of TTF; it seems to work.


2019-07-17 19:23

administrator   ~0000672

... but OTF produces a much better result.

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