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0000140BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2019-07-17 18:31
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Summary0000140: Birdfont is crashing when trying to import background
I just installed Birdfont (birdfont-v2.17.1, as I have Win8) and began to create a first font. I tried to add a background to the first letter I wanted to design.
When clicking on the button "Select background Image" a Windows popup is appearing with the comment "birdfont.exe did stop working - Blabla Windows will stop this program and will indicate if a solution is available"
Then the application is forcibly shut down.
Steps To ReproduceHere are the steps I followed :
0) Open Birdfont
1) Select SIL Open Font License option
2) Create a new Font
3) Double-click on a letter
4) Select the 8th drawing tool for background
5) Select the fourth background tool "to insert a new background"
6) Select the path and the file (.jpg) to insert
7) Click on option "Select background image"
-> The popup is displayed, Birdfont is crashing and then closed
Additional InformationThank you for your help ! ^^'
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2017-04-24 23:27


Bug_Import_Background.jpg (107,260 bytes)
Bug_Import_Background.jpg (107,260 bytes)


2017-04-24 23:33

reporter   ~0000488

Tried to reinstall Birdfont, the same issue is encountered.


2017-04-25 09:20

administrator   ~0000489

Thank you for an excellent bug report. I have not been able to reproduce this on Windows 10, yet. Does it crash on PNG files as well?


2017-04-25 23:50

reporter   ~0000490

Hi, nice guess :o)
I tried with a png file and the image is well imported.
FYI, I also tried with a gif file and encountered the same issue than for the jpg file.

Hope it helped you to improve your nice application. I will use the png file.
Thanks and congrats for your work !


2017-04-25 23:52

reporter   ~0000491

P.S. Let me know if you want me to perform other tests to solve the issue.


2019-07-17 18:31

administrator   ~0000671

Hi. Is this still a problem in later versions of Birdfont?

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