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0000148BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2018-06-29 12:54
ReporterFrankRHarrAssigned Tojohan 
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Summary0000148: What I'm Exporting to Font Is not what I'm Designing.
DescriptionO.K., I created a font where I moved some glyphs around. Everything looks good in Birdfont. But when I export it, most of what I've done is reverted. It's as if I've only done part of the work.




2018-06-26 20:11


Example Good.png (2,490,921 bytes)


2018-06-26 20:13

reporter   ~0000513

Man, I am clumsy at this system.

The above is what I'm trying to get.

The below is what I'm actually getting.


2018-06-26 20:15

reporter   ~0000514

Except it won't upload.

Let me try again

Example Bad.png (1,603,121 bytes)


2018-06-26 20:16

reporter   ~0000515

There, that worked. I can't even begin to imagine what's going on.


2018-06-27 00:43

reporter   ~0000516

Oh! I forgot to say!

Part of why this is so weird is that it works great for another typeface I made, just not this one.


2018-06-27 14:03

administrator   ~0000517

Thank you for the report. I am a bit confused. Can you send me the bf file?


2018-06-28 03:24

reporter   ~0000518

I'm confused too. Is it O.K. to post here? (2,579,213 bytes)


2018-06-28 14:07



2018-06-28 14:07

administrator   ~0000519

Thank you. Here is how it looks on my system when I export the font. I believe it is the result you are expecting. Could it be some kind of clash with an installed font? You might find out if you change the name of your font.


2018-06-29 03:28

reporter   ~0000520

Good grief it worked!

I had no idea that this sort of thing could be an issue. Thanks!

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