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0000161BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2019-01-15 16:19
ReportertgrimmerAssigned Tojohan 
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Summary0000161: Line spacing incorrect on windows
DescriptionUsing BF 3.19.1 plus

Line spacing of exported ttf fonts is incorrect when using many programs on Windows. While I understand different programs respect the margins differently, I believe if the OS/2 metrics are set correctly based on the BF top, top-margin, bottom, and bottom-margin, it will all work.

Specifically if you look here that guy has 4 versions of the same font that have different spacing in Visual Studio (Community Edition is free) . Opening in font forge shows the metrics "Typo Line Gap" matching "HHead Line Gap". For the super spaced out one they are set to 1400 (EM size is 2048) each.

Fonts generated from BF always have the "HHead Line Gap" set to 0. I have no idea what "HHead" and "Typo" mean here so I'm not 100% sure it's the issue, but the mismatch with BF generated fonts is suspicious.

Steps To ReproduceExport a ttf font from BF with high top and low bottom margins.
Install he font into Windows.
Open Visual Studio, Under Tools->Options -> Fonts and Colors set the font to the one you installed.
Open a txt file. Note that lines of text are not far apart. Margin info didn't make its way into the OS/2 metrics which are required in windows.
Additional InformationLove the ease of editing curves in BF btw ;)



2019-01-14 15:27

administrator   ~0000623

Thank you for your report. I will investigate this.


2019-01-14 19:59

administrator   ~0000625

I might have found a solution for this problem. If that is the case will a new version be out soon.


2019-01-14 21:20

reporter   ~0000626

Hi Jonah. I responded to your e-mail and sent some more info over.


2019-01-14 22:24

administrator   ~0000627

This issue will be fixed in version 3.20.1.


2019-01-15 16:19

administrator   ~0000628

I have attached a screenshot that shows you how to adjust the line gap in case some one else runs in to this problem.

line_gap.png (52,380 bytes)
line_gap.png (52,380 bytes)

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