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0000166BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2019-06-07 09:22
ReporterviperclanAssigned Tojohan 
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Summary0000166: unable to export font when using SIL OFL
DescriptionI am unable to export a font after only using the free version of the application under SIL OFL. The font (ttf) was created externally and edited using birdfont. When I attempt to export, 'This font is not under the SIL Open Font License, you need the commercial version of BirdFont. Go to' is returned.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open ttf font using version 3.24.1 free on Windows under the SIL OFL, make edits and save as .bf
2. Attempt to export by using ctrl + e
3. An error comes up saying 'This font is not under the SIL Open Font License, you need the commercial version of BirdFont. Go to'
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2019-06-06 11:09

administrator   ~0000656

Thank you for the report. Can you send me the font?


2019-06-07 06:11

reporter   ~0000657

Here it is

hcrf.birdfont (158,294 bytes)


2019-06-07 07:11

administrator   ~0000658

Thank you. This font does not have any metadata with information about its license. Where can I find the license information of this font? I can't find the download page of this font any where.


2019-06-07 07:13

reporter   ~0000659

I'm not sure either, this is pretty much the first time I've used the software.


2019-06-07 07:14

administrator   ~0000660

Where did you get the font from? I am absolutely not sure about its license.


2019-06-07 07:32

reporter   ~0000661

I made it using MyFontScript but I don't recall there being any options for license selection and am not sure what the default is


2019-06-07 07:38

administrator   ~0000662

Good work! I like your font. I have updated the license.

hcrf-2.birdfont (158,362 bytes)


2019-06-07 08:19

reporter   ~0000663

Thank you!

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