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0000173BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2019-10-30 20:05
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Summary0000173: Select multiple items in a list (kerning pairs, spacing classes, etc) at once for deletion
DescriptionThrough a few mistakes when using spacing classes (I assumed the arrow "->" meant the inheritance was one-way), many of my glyphs have inherited a lot of "garbage" (kernings that I don't want). Now I have to individually "x" out each one I don't want, which takes a while to load each time, since there are so many. It would be super helpful to be able to select ranges of data (either through click + drag or using Shift to select the end point) to select multiple items to delete. Or to be able to export it to a text file for editing, then re-import.
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2019-10-30 20:05

administrator   ~0000708

Good idea. Thank you. I will probably go for the shift + click solution but it will take a while before it is ready for release.

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