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0000180BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2020-05-05 18:55
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Summary0000180: OTF not working in Adobe
DescriptionHello, I am having issues with my font once it has been exported. It works just fine in Microsoft products, but it's all squished together in Adobe products. Almost like the letters are typing right over each other. I have attached images for both how it appears in Microsoft and how it appears in Adobe.

Since it is working fine in Microsoft, I don't know how it could be an export issue. But, I don't really have any clue.


2020-04-30 15:54


Dallanegra-Microsoft.png (49,832 bytes)
Dallanegra-Microsoft.png (49,832 bytes)
Dallanegra - Adobe.png (30,349 bytes)
Dallanegra - Adobe.png (30,349 bytes)

2020-04-30 16:05

reporter   ~0000729

Also, I tried uploading this font to Wix and while the font looked much more normal, there were still some kerning issues with some of the lowercase letters.


2020-04-30 18:02

administrator   ~0000730

Thank you for the report. Can you send me the birdfont file? You can send it via email if you don't want it to become public.

2020-04-30 18:13

reporter   ~0000731

Here's the file. I will be the first to admit that I have never created a font before and I am not sure I did everything right within Birdfont.

Thanks for taking a look! (205,118 bytes)


2020-04-30 18:51

administrator   ~0000732

It looks like there is an issue with the SVG table. I will try to fix that over the weekend. The short term solution is probably to only export the table with monochrome TTF/OTF data. It will also make spacing a lot easier if you only have one copy of each glyph. You can always add color data later if you like. See the attached file.

I haven't been able to reproduce this problem yet but I will try again later. Please let me know if this fixes your issue.

Dallanegra drop SVG (109,711 bytes)

2020-05-03 19:27

reporter   ~0000733

Thanks for your help.

When I open the file you sent. It appears to be empty. Do I need to reimport all of my SVG glyphs to this and then export? Just making sure I am understanding? Also, you mentioned that it would make things easier if I only had one copy of each glyph. As far as I know, I do. Can you help me understand what you mean by this and how to fix it? I know for probably all the letters, I had to upload multiple SVG files of each glyph as I was perfecting my letters. However, I would always delete the previous one. Is there somewhere else in the program they're stored, leading to many copies?


2020-05-03 19:52

administrator   ~0000734

Hi, have you tried switching glyph types in the overview? See the attached video.

Glyph Types (1,049,984 bytes)

2020-05-04 01:56

reporter   ~0000735

Thanks for the help I was able to see the glyphs.

Now my issue is that the glyphs in the file you sent me are not the most updated, but when I go to import the SVG file, it is only importing the outline. (see photos attached.) I believe that is because I am not in the SVG glyph module, but the monochome glyph module. When I switch to the SVG glyph module, it imports fine. Any thoughts on what I can do?

i-outline.png (434,068 bytes)

2020-05-04 02:10

reporter   ~0000736

In addition, when I open my file up. I deleted all the monochrome glyphs, but then it looks like it auto-populated from my SVG glyphs. Which would be fine, expect that when it auto-populates, it just pulls outlines for some of the letters, making them slightly bigger than they should be, and leaving them without any fill. However, when I export without including the color of SVG tables, the spacing is great (it just includes letters that are only outlined.



2020-05-04 11:17

administrator   ~0000737

Hi. I believe the issue is connected to the stroke property in the SVG file. You can delete the stroke when you create your SVG files or remove the stroke in birdfont. See the screenshot.

I don't understand the spacing issue. Can you send me a screenshot or screen cast?

2020-05-05 12:31

reporter   ~0000738

Thank you so much for all of your help!

There aren't any spacing issues anymore. So that's great.

By just using the monochrome glyphs, I was able to export the font so that everything works and looks good in my adobe programs. However, in Microsoft, for a lot of my letters, it is just showing the outline (but in Adobe I am seeing the letters as fully filled. Just like I want the text to look.)

I'm not super worried, because right now I just need to be able to use the font in adobe. But, I would like for the font to be able to be used in Microsoft as well.



2020-05-05 13:03

administrator   ~0000739

Please send me the updated version if you want me to debug the Microsoft issue.

2020-05-05 14:58

reporter   ~0000740

Here it is, thanks! (106,864 bytes)


2020-05-05 17:15

administrator   ~0000741

Hi. I converted strokes to an outlines in two glyphs. Does it fix the issue? (108,716 bytes)

2020-05-05 18:49

reporter   ~0000742

Unfortunately it doesn't. I've attached a screenshot of what I see in Microsoft.

Also, I'm not sure if it matters, but when I open up the file you send back to me, I see a notification that the font was created with a newer version of Birdfont and I need to update my program. However, I believe I have the most updated one? My version is: 3.33.3 and from what I can tell it's the most updated version?


Outlines.png (641,604 bytes)


2020-05-05 18:55

administrator   ~0000743

I released version 4.0.0 yesterday but the font I sent has only features available in 3.33.3. It looks like the screenshot is from another version of the font. It might be a caching issue.

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