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0000185BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2020-07-16 00:39
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Summary0000185: All letters except D, G, X, and Y appearing in font on export
DescriptionLooking at my font, I noticed that when I tried to type D, G, X, or Y that the space they would take up is blank. When working in birdfont, they appear normally with no issues. But every time I export and install, the font excludes those letters and only those letters. I'm using version 4.3.0
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2020-07-13 21:27

administrator   ~0000748

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Thank you for the report. Can you send me the birdfont file for debugging purposes? It is OK to send it via email if you don't want it to become public. Which OS are you using?


2020-07-15 20:40

administrator   ~0000750

Thank you please send me the font as well:


2020-07-15 23:58

administrator   ~0000751

Thank you for sending me the file. The problem was that some of your letters had to many points. The limit was in the TTF format. Upcoming versions of Birdfont will display a warning message if this happens.

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