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0000036BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2014-10-23 19:07
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Summary0000036: Can't see any SVG files on import
DescriptionGreat software and trying out before I buy a commercial license.

I followed steps to import glyph created in Illustrator. I exported SVG file and when I hit 'Edit > Import SVG' its not showing any files at all, not even the exported file. I'm also unable to open my computers folders to access files. For example I created a folder inside 'my documents' called 'glyphs' and when I double click on my documents in Birdfont nothing happens (doesn't show any hierarchy).

Also when I save a file and I go to open, the file is not showing in the folder at all.
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2014-08-20 13:05

administrator   ~0000138

Thank you for the report. Which version of Birdfont do you have? Can you send me an example file in SVG format?


2014-08-20 13:59


test.svg (2,403 bytes)


2014-08-20 14:00


B.svg (27,620 bytes)


2014-08-20 14:01

reporter   ~0000139

I downloaded the latest release through your site today. I've attached the template svg file I created as part of the tutorial and the glyph I wanted to import.


2014-08-20 16:35

administrator   ~0000140

I could reproduce one problem with the file dialog and will work a solution.


2014-08-22 14:38

administrator   ~0000143

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I believe this problem is solved in 0.47.5. Please add a note if the new version can't import files correctly.

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