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0000069BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2019-07-17 18:30
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Summary0000069: Feature Request - Multiple SVG import through menu and scrolling on Windows 8
DescriptionIt would be very beneficial to be able to use a menu or screen in BirdFont to import multiple SVG files to the appropriate glyph. The command line feature is nice, but would be hard for students with very little command line experience to use.

I think limiting it to only importing appropriately named SVGs to similarly named glyphs would be fine. That way if we name our files correctly everything would be fine. I imagine many students would be more comfortable designing in their vector program of choice where they are familiar with the tools and workflow, then importing all their glyphs and going through each one for cleanup and kerning.

This would be a LARGE benefit to using the software and teaching it.
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2015-03-18 05:12

reporter   ~0000277

I tried working on using the command line prompt tonight and it was very messy to get to work.Possibly because of administrator privileges of the folder where birdfont is installed...but either way it can't be predicted what kind of access a user has.

So looking at this again, I still think adding the ability to import through the menu would be best, but for importing multiple glyphs, a user would select a file folder.

Also, I noticed that the scrolling action on my mouse doesn't work in overview or the menus where I select/open files. I have to go click on the slider bar and move it that way. Adding scrolling would be more intuitive for many.


2015-03-18 09:04

administrator   ~0000278

Thank you. Folder import seems like a good idea.

Is the scrolling issue a Windows 8 problem?


2015-03-18 13:25

reporter   ~0000279

I just tried scrolling in Windows 7 and it worked. Look like it is a Windows 8 issue.


2015-03-18 14:22

administrator   ~0000280

Thank you. I don't have a Windows 8 installation but I will try to fix the bug as soon as possible.


2015-03-19 11:33

administrator   ~0000284

I have update the scroll wheel code but I still don't have a Windows 8 installation to test it on. Does the scrolling work in version 2.3?


2015-03-21 03:15

reporter   ~0000287

Just tried 2.3.1, scrolling doesn't work. Also tried on a mouse and a trackpad, neither work.



2015-03-25 19:51

administrator   ~0000296

I have created a beta with that might explain the scrolling issue (2.4.0-beta1-free).

Download it and test if scrolling works if you want to help with this issue. I need access to the log file created by the beta version. You find it in AppData/Birdfont and the name of the file is birdfont-[TIME STAMP].log Please add it to this report.



2015-05-17 18:34

administrator   ~0000311

Designers can import directories with SVG files in the latest beta version (2.8.0-beta1). (The scrolling issue is not solved yet).


2019-07-17 18:30

administrator   ~0000670

Hi. I believe this has been fixed in later versions of Birdfont. Do you agree or do I need to fix something more?

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