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0000086BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2015-06-26 12:11
ReporterlauchlanRAssigned Tojohan 
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Summary0000086: Export does work.
DescriptionWhen an export is performed the files that are generated are empty.

Zero KB .ttf is produced and an empty SVG.

I imported an existing font. Made a few changes and then tried to export but it produces and empty file.

Version 2.10.0-beta1
Steps To ReproduceImport new font.
Edit something in font using 'move control points' tool
Change file name.
Select TTF and SVG as export formats.
Click export.
Observe file size being zero containing no font.
Additional InformationWas really looking forward to exporting a new font because I had a deadline to meet but this hasn't been possible. Could you please tell me if this is me being silly or an actual bug.
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2015-06-25 09:46

reporter (126,332 bytes)


2015-06-25 10:27

administrator   ~0000324

The font can be exported on my Mac but there might be a bug somewhere.


2015-06-25 20:49

administrator   ~0000335

Does this happen with all font files?
Does this happen in version 2.10.0?


2015-06-25 21:08

reporter   ~0000336

I just downloaded this on my other computer and it worked fine. It is OS X 10.10.3 though. I will try again with another font on my other computer when I get home tonight (Aprox 9 hours away). Thanks for you help so far!


2015-06-26 01:29

reporter   ~0000339

Not sure if this is causing it but I think the error occurs when you have the same name for both 'file name' and 'file name mac'. Perhaps it overwrites the ttf file? Okay so to reproduce try having all the file names and names the same and it will produce a Okb file.


2015-06-26 10:42

administrator   ~0000340

Thank you for the debugging.


2015-06-26 12:11

administrator   ~0000341

The file name issue has been fixed in version 2.10.2.

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