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0000092BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2015-07-01 16:052015-07-04 15:51
ReporterJyrki Ihalainen 
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000092: Few requests and minor UI oddities.
Description1. I'd like to have an User defined default tool for glyph edit view.
At the moment the default tool is the Bezier tool. I'd like to change that to Move Control Points or Move Paths.. I guess it's a matter of taste, what you want to use..

2. Move control points, Select all, changes tool:
If I press Ctrl+A while using Move Control Points tool, Birdfont changes the tool to Move Paths. Why? I'd like to be able to select all points and move them without being forced to switch tool and then switch back right after.

3. Spacing and Kerning tabs, Font Size randomness:
I think the font size slider is a bit too random. I'd like to be able to give font size in numbers. Drop down menu perhaps?
And I noticed if I don't touch the slider I can drag the spacings to change them and they always move by even numbers. But if I touch the size slider I get these absurdly large decimals. I think it should still work with even numbers no matter what the font size on screen is...

4. Spacing and Kerning tabs, UI behavior differences. (This is no biggie in any way, just something I noticed.):
In spacing tab you see the bearings in the bottom of the window, and you can enter a value by clicking on the number using Left mouse button, and you can't enter it by right clicking the little triangles under the characters. (Right clicking the thing you want to adjust by numbers seems to be the common way everywhere else, maybe it should be here too?)
In Kerning Tab you can adjust the kerning by right click and enter value, but there's no equivalent list of values in the bottom of the view. I'd like to have them there to see, even though kerning and spacing are different things.

Any thoughts?
Additional InformationBy the way, do you have roadmap or something somewhere where I could check what features are planned and what is in the making?
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Johan Mattsson (administrator)
2015-07-04 12:44

Thank you for the report. I will try to fix these issues.

I have a roadmap but I can't say that I follow it very well. I am working on code to merge paths right now but sooner or later will I implement this: [^]
Jyrki Ihalainen (reporter)
2015-07-04 15:51

I got to say I'm not sure if the 2nd one actually needs any changes.

In some situations it is extremely handy it works the way it does. In some other situations it is a bit annoying, but not really slowing me down or driving me nuts. I just have to drag a box aeound everything if I want to select all controlpoints.

Can't wait to see the merge tool. :)

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