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0000094BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2015-08-10 14:17
ReporterkianAssigned Tojohan 
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Summary0000094: Can't Import SVG Files Into Birdfont
DescriptionI get blank output when importing an svg into Birdfont. I am using version 2.10.2.

By the way, the link for version 1.9 for Windows is corrupted, was going to try and use a previous version but can't find a mirror anywhere else.
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2015-08-10 06:17


a.svg (1,081 bytes)


2015-08-10 08:37

administrator   ~0000357

Thank you for the report. Can you attach a few SVG files with this problem?
The download link seems to work for me, do you get a 404 or is the file corrupt?


2015-08-10 08:38

reporter   ~0000358

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Hi, I attached an svg file already, do you need another one? Yes I can download it fine but it's corrupted.


2015-08-10 08:40

administrator   ~0000359

Thank you. I didn't see the file.


2015-08-10 08:41

reporter   ~0000360

Somewhat related, copy and paste of objects from CorelDraw doesn't work either. I'm sure it's the same with Illustrator but don't have a copy anymore. I think these two issues occur at the same time from other reports I've seen on here that's why I thought I'd mention it.


2015-08-10 08:43

administrator (1,515 bytes)


2015-08-10 08:47

administrator   ~0000361

The file can be imported on my computer but the glyph is very bug and far up in the right corner. You can move it to the baseline with Menu -> Edit -> Select All Paths and Menu -> Edit -> Move to Baseline


2015-08-10 08:56

reporter   ~0000362

Well I'll be. Do you know why it's so large and not properly aligned? I used the SVG template in the birdfont wiki so shouldn't the proportions be the same?


2015-08-10 09:10

administrator   ~0000363

I think it might be a bug in CorelDraw but I don't have a copy of this program.
You can probably work around this issue if you put the glyph in the upper left corner of the page.


2015-08-10 09:15

reporter   ~0000364

What about the size issue? Just make it smaller in Corel?


2015-08-10 09:18

administrator   ~0000365

Yes, you need to find the right size but when you have done that will your SVG file be a good template for CorelDraw.


2015-08-10 09:20

reporter   ~0000366

Argh, resizing in Corel distorts the object too much. I had to make it drastically smaller and it's already in a 160x600 resolution document. Now it takes up 1/30 of that document. I really want to make birdfont work though :P


2015-08-10 09:27

administrator   ~0000367

I totally understand your frustration. You might be able to work around the issue if you open your SVG file with Inkscape. A third option is to import a large version of your work and scale it down with the transformation tools in the overview tab.

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