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0000095BirdFont[All Projects] BirdFontpublic2015-08-11 18:50
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Summary0000095: Large font (9000+) taking forever to open, if at all.
DescriptionCurrently trying to open a CJK font and Birdfont has yet to finish opening it, and it's been 15+ minutes. It seems to be actively doing something, but the wait time is very long, considering FontLab's TypeTool opens it instantly.

When trying to open a Noto Sans ( CJK font, it opens the file instantly, but doesn't list any glyphs whatsoever (not sure if I should split this off into a separate issue)
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2015-08-11 18:40

administrator   ~0000368

Thank you for the report. It will probably take a very long time to load fonts with thousands of glyphs.


2015-08-11 18:49

administrator   ~0000370

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It looks like Birdfont fails to find the correct character for each glyph id in the font.

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