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-====== Create a Font From Background Images ====== 
-  - Draw some letters and create a digital image from your drawings. 
-  - Insert the background image. {{:​background_tools.png|}}{{:​insert_background2.png|}} 
-  - Select the crop tool. {{:​crop_background.png|}} 
-  - Create a rectangle around the letter. 
-  - Click on the rectangle to crop the image. 
-  - Resize the image. {{:​spinbutton.png|}} 
-  - Move image to its position on the base line between the side bearings. {{:​move_background2.png|}} 
-  - Zoom in on the area where between the top and bottom lines. {{:​zoom_boundaries.png|}} 
-  - Adjust the size.and position of the image. {{:​spinbutton.png|}} {{:​move_background2.png|}} 
-  - Insert new __quadratic__ control points. {{:​pencil.png|}} {{:​quadratic.png|}} Use as few points as possible when you create the outline. It is easier to add more points later than removing points from a path. Quadratic points (the number 2 option) or quatratic points with two line handles (the 2x2 option) is best if you are going to export your font as in TTF format. 
-  - Select points that should be on the smooth parts of th curve with {{:​move_points.png|}} and click on {{:​tie.png|}},​ 
-  - Align the path with the background image. 
-  - Add points for the counter path. {{:​pencil.png|}} 
-  - Create counter path from the new outline. {{:​create_counter.png|}} 
-  - Edit the counter path. {{:​move_points.png|}} {{:​tie.png|}} 
-  - Hide the background image. {{:​hide_background.png|}} 
-  - Click on the middle mouse button or press Command+B on Mac to hide the control points and fill the glyph. 
-  - Continue editing until your are happy with the result. 
-Don't forget to [[naming|updated name and description]].