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Create a Font with BirdFont

See the new version of this tutorial.

The video is here:

  1. Draw some letters and create a digital image of the drawing.
  2. Create a new font and select the first glyph in the overview tab.
  3. Insert the background image.
  4. Scale background image.
  5. Move the background image to it's position.
  6. Move x-height, baseline and side bearings to their positions.
  7. Select the pen and and right-click to add control points.
  8. Hide the background image.
  9. Hold down shift and select all nodes in-between the corner nodes.
  10. Create smooth curves by tying handles for the selected control points.
  11. Align all paths with the background image.
  12. Create a counter path.
  13. Look at the result. (Ctrl+P)

Don't forget to updated name and description.