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1 .TH BIRDFONT-IMPORT 1 LOCAL 2 3 .SH NAME 4 birdfont-import - Create a font from SVG files 5 .SH SYNOPSIS 6 .B birdfont-import birdfont-file svg-files ... 7 .SH DESCRIPTION 8 birdfont-import 9 birdfont-import will generate a birdfont file from a set of SVG images. 10 The command assumes that the file name denotes either a single character 11 or a Unicode value on the form U+XX where XX is the Unicode number in 12 hexadecimal format. 13 14 A drawing saved as "a.svg" will be added to the glyph "a" when you run: 15 birdfont-import a.svg 16 17 A drawing saved as "U+62.svg" will be added to "b" when you run: 18 birdfont-import U+62.svg 19 20 See also birdfont-export for creating SVG, EOT and TTF fonts from the 21 birdfont file. 22 23 .SH OPTIONS 24 .TP 5 25 \--color 26 Preserve colors and create OpenType SVG table instead of using TrueType. 27 28 .SH AUTHOR 29 Johan Mattsson 30