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Portable App

BirdFont Portable is a free version of the font editor that runs from a USB stick on any computer with Microsoft Windows.




Your support for the Birdfont project is important. Even small sums makes a huge difference. The income from this project is used to fix bugs and implement new features with the aim to provide an excellent font editor for everyone. Many hours are put in to this project every month.

Goal for June


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Recent Donations

Jun 26
10.00 USD
Jun 26
5.00 USD
Jun 26
5.00 USD
Jun 26
20.00 USD

Other platforms

BirdFont Portable runs only on Windows. You can find packages and source code for Mac OS X, Linux and OpenBSD in the download page.


The packages has been digitally signed by johan.mattsson.m at You can use GPG to verify the authenticity of each file.

gpg <package>.sig