BirdFont is a free font editor that lets you create vector graphics and export TTF, EOT & SVG fonts.


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Installers and source code packages are available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and BSD. Download BirdFont from this site.


You can participate in the translation of this project at Locamotions pootle server. Contact me if your language is not listed there.



BirdFont is developed by Johan Mattsson with a good number of people contributing translations and patches. The editor is written in Vala and has around 40 000 lines of code.

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Release notes

birdfont (0.41) stable;

• Retain the angle of a control point handle while adjusting the length
• Parse round corners and stroke endings in SVG files
• Fixes bugs in the SVG import code and elsewhere in order to improve
compability with potrace and Illustrator
• Delete and undo for kerning pairs
• Complete Ukrainian and Spanish translations

birdfont (0.40) stable;

• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.39) stable;

• Bug fixes in the kerning code

birdfont (0.38) stable;

• Many bugs and memory leaks have been fixed in this version

birdfont (0.37) stable;

• Font size settings in the kerning tab
• A new SVG parser
• Compatibility with many Microsoft Windows applications
• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.36) stable;

• Paste letters in the kerning tab
• Settings for the freehand tool
• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.35) stable;

• A new tool for drawing freehand shapes with the mouse
• Bug fixes related to conversion from SVG to TTF
• Fixes crash bug in SVG import code

birdfont (0.34) stable;

• This release solves kerning issues and other problems.

birdfont (0.33) stable;

• Background images on new versions of Mac OS X and other bug fixes.

birdfont (0.32) stable;

• Touch screen friendly interface
• New tools for adding and moving control points
• Icons in 320 dpi
• French translation
• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.31) stable;

• Bug fixes in the Linux version

birdfont (0.30) stable;

• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.29) stable;

• Groups of paths and control points
• Speed optimizations
• Bold and italic styles
• Bug fixes
• TTF units
• Paste in place and paste at cursor

birdfont (0.28) stable;

• Kerning classes
• Copy and paste paths between windows

birdfont (0.27) stable;

• Rotate paths
• Flip path
• Convert segments to lines
• Symmetrical control points
• Use glyphs as backgrounds

birdfont (0.26) stable;

• Bug fixes in the Mac OS X version

birdfont (0.25) stable;

• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.24) stable;

• New overview tab
• Two control point handles for quadratic paths
• Better conversion from SVG to TTF
• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.23) stable;

• Bugfixes

birdfont (0.22) stable;

• Bug fixes and many changes to make BirdFont run on Mac OS X with a native window.

birdfont (0.21) stable;

• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.20) stable;

• Descriptive fields in TTF fonts (version number and name)
• Kerning for both Chrome and Firefox
• Read TTF font instead of SVG font in html template
• Bugfixes
• Improved translations

birdfont (0.19) stable;

• Descriptions from the Unicode Character Database
• A new file format is introduced (.bf replaces .ffi)
• Bug fixes
• Two quadratic points with a hidden point in between creates a quadratic path with two line handles.
• Quadratic points is now the default
• Scrollbar
• TTF export on Mac OS X
• French translation

birdfont (0.18) stable;

• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.17) stable;

• Macports validation

birdfont (0.16) stable;

• Correct location in ID loadcommand for Macports

birdfont (0.15) stable;

• Macports file

birdfont (0.14) stable;

• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.13) stable;

• Quadratic Bézier paths
• Edit SVG fonts
• Open OTF and TTF fonts with freetype2
• Open Type kerning (GPOS pair adjustment positioning subtable)
• Bug fixes
• Spanish translation
• Russian translation
• Italian translation
• Brasilian Portuguese translation

birdfont (0.12) stable;

• Bug fixes and updated test suit

birdfont (0.11) stable;

• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.10) stable;

• Bug fixes
• Backup and crash recovery
• Move paths with keyboard

birdfont (0.9) stable;

• Color
• Adjustable control point size
• Select all path
• Resize all selected paths
• Import SVG files from Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator
• Move control points with keyboard
• Join paths
• Bugfixes
• German translation
• Chinese translation

Coding for the release was done by Zhantong Zhang and Johan Mattsson. Translation was done by Zhantong Zhang, Robert Kabinger, Marc-Philipp Beuter and DiGro.

birdfont (0.8) stable;

• Copy and paste paths from Inkscape
• Export SVG files
• New build system on top of Eduardo Schettinos doit
• Dutch translation by Sven Santegoeds

birdfont (0.7) stable;

• New icons
• Bugfixes
• Menu
• Internationalization

birdfont (0.6) stable;

• Improved TrueType outlines
• Resize paths

birdfont (0.5) stable;

• Move multiple control points
• Draw path from both ends
• New edit commands
• Man pages

birdfont (0.4.1) stable;

• Bug fixes

birdfont (0.4.0) stable;

• Larger control points
• Crop background updates position of the image
• Undo command for background images
• Faster multithreaded export
• Juxtapose glyphs and draw every glyph in it's context
• New notdef. character
• New tab bar

birdfont (0.3.0) stable;

• Embedded OpenType (EOT) support
• Utility for exporting fonts from the command line (birdfont-export)
• Rotate, scale and crop background images
• New key bindings

birdfont (0.2.0) stable;

• TTF support
• Desktop file and icon
• Merge paths
• Wine support

Contributions by Alexandre Prokoudine and Johan Mattsson

birdfont (0.1.1) stable;

• Several important bug fixes

birdfont (0.1.0) stable;

• First release




Recent Changes to the Source Code

News for 0.42

Version 0.42

Update translations

Fix image rotation

Update region boundaries when points are moved with keyboard