Importing Background Images

Here is how you import background images in the background tab. You can import several segments of the master image.

1. Menu → Import and Export → Import Background Image (Ctrl+B or Command+B).

2. Click on Image → Add, in the toolbox.

3. Resize the background image.

4. Select the part of the master image you want to use as the base of your character.

5. Click on Parts → Select Glyph

6. Select the destination glyph.

7. Done. Go ahead and create a version of the glyph using Bézier curves.

A Simpler and Faster Way if You have Only One Letter in Your File

1. Open the destination glyph.

2. Click on the background tool.

3. Click on the folder icon to import a new background image.

4. Resize the image.

5. Done.