Version 5.x

Variable fonts
Multiple weight export from variable font
Diacritical mark classes
Horizontal and vertical guides

Version 4.x

Importing glyphs created with Illustrator or Inkscape
Color fonts
Spacing Classes
Counter paths in COLR glyphs
Stylistic alternates, swashes etc.
Line spacing
Descriptions of all tools in the toolbox
Spacing between words
Creating counter paths
Customized character sets in overview
Exporting TTF, OTF and SVG fonts
Single Stroke Engraving (CNC) Fonts
Filtering Out Characters

Version 3.x

Color fonts with embedded SVG Files

Version 2.x

Creating a new glyph from an image
Importing background images
Name, description and license
Importing multiple SVG files at the same time
Convert raster images to vector fonts, (autotrace)
Update all kerning pairs with a python script

Version 1.x

Drawing with a grid
Draw glyphs over background images
Convert images to vector fonts (autotrace)
Icon fonts
Spacing classes

Trouble Shooting

Warnings when installing on Windows
Fixing Error 0xc0000142
The window does not appear on Windows
Open a new window on Mac
The font is empty! Automatic backups.
Quotation marks do not show up
Kerning in MS Word

Please make backups of your fonts often or use git to make sure that your work won't be lost.