Import multiple SVG files at the same time

You can import a folder with SVG files in the GUI. Go to Menu → Import and Export → Import SVG Folder.

Command Line Import

There is a command line utility with the name ''birdfont-import''; it allows you generate a new bf font (.birdfont) from a set of SVG files or import multiple files to an existing font. The program takes two or more arguments. The first argument is the name of the bf file and all argument after that are paths to SVG files.

File Name Format

The command assumes that the file name of the SVG file denotes either a single character or a Unicode value on the form U+XX where XX is the Unicode number in hexadecimal format.

You can add a comment to your file names with the "#" symbol. Example: a#prettier.svg

A drawing saved as "a.svg" will be added to the glyph "a" when you run:
• ''birdfont-import a.svg''

A drawing saved as "U+62.svg" will be added to "b" when you run:
• ''birdfont-import U+62.svg''

You can import several files at once (on the commadline) with wildcards:
• ''birdfont-import *.svg''

See also ''birdfont-export'' for creating SVG, OTF, EOT and TTF fonts from the BirdFont file.