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Name and Description

Open the File menu and chose "Name and Description".

The Postscript name must be present if you want to create a font that PostScript interpreters can use. The name must be shorter than 63 characters and can only contain ASCII letters and not space, ], (, ), {, }, <, >, / or %.

Name field should contain the family name of the font, it can only have 27 characters.

Style is the subfamily name. In most cases will the style be Regular, Italic or Bold.

The weight parameter for a regular font is 400 and 700 for a bold font.

Full name should include both name and style, except for fonts that has style set to regular, in that case will full name be the same as the family name. The full name must be shorter than 28 characters.

The version string should include the word "Version" and a version number, separated by space. Example: "Version: 1.0"

Unique identifier must be present if you want to create a font that can be installed on Windows and Mac. It should include the name of the typeface designer or foundry and the name of the font.

Add a short description of the typeface.

Add a short copyright notice. Most of the time should this include your name the year the font was created and the name of the license you are using.