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-====== Spacing Classes ====== 
-Spacing classes is a tool for copying all spacing and [[kerning|kerning]] properties from one character to another. This feature is useful if you for example want to create a mono spaced font or a font with only uppercase letters. 
-Here is an example font were the same glyph is used for the uppercase and the lower case letters: 
-The spacing class copies all spacing properties between the two letters of the class. Since A = a will all kerning pairs be copied from '​A'​ to '​a'​ and vice versa. 
-A mono spaced font is created by copying all spacing properties from one letter, 
-{{:​spacing_class_mono_spaced.png?​500|}} ​ 
-Create all spacing classes as early as possible in the design process. Type "​space"​ to set the size of the space character.